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Release date : August 5, 1999
Publisher : MicroProse Software, Inc.
Developer : MicroProse Software, Inc.
Genre : Strategy

Worms Armageddon -  is the third release in the Worms series and follows a design similar to previous installments. You and your platoon of cartoon Worms are beamed down onto a surrealistic, cross-sectional landscape with a vast armory of bizarre and imaginative weapons. Your task is to take out the opposing forces of other Worms by any available means.

Your keyboard-activated Worms can walk, run, jump, tunnel, bungee jump, parachute, rope-swing, and even jetpack around the unusual terrain to gain ground on the enemy. They can choose from a variety of arsenal options in an attempt to kill, maim, or humiliate the oppositions. The weapons available in this edition of the game include old favorites such as grenades, homing missiles, and shotguns, as well as newly introduced "smart" weapons. such as Killer Sheep, Maniac Grannies, herds of mad cows, nuclear detonations, the "Viking Axe," and the "Lingering Fire."

The game offers a wide range of options. You can play a simple game against the computer, compete with a friend on the same machine or over a network, or play a distant opponent across the Internet. The really serious Worms enthusiast can sign up for training missions which will teach him or her everything necessary to become a top commando. All of the training must be completed before the normal missions are commenced.

With 18 new speech clips added to the program and the ability to design and edit your own landscapes, Worms Armageddon is designed to provide hours of intriguing, action-strategy gameplay.

Minimum System Requirements :
  • Pentium 100MHz processor
  • 32MB RAM
  • 2X CD-ROM drive
  • SVGA 1MB video card
  • 16-bit sound card

Recommended System Requirements :
  • Pentium 150MHz processor
  • 32MB RAM
  • 4MB video card
  • 4X CD-ROM drive

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